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$80 Billion Brazilian Investment Bank Launches Bitcoin and Crypto Trading App

Large Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual has announced the launch of a new platform enabling customers to make direct investments in Bitcoin, making it the first large financial institution in Brazil to offer direct Bitcoin exposure. The bank’s Mynt platform allows users to purchase Bitcoin. BTG Pactual CEO, Roberto Sallouti, described Mynt’s creation as being

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Can Toxic Maximalists Hurt Bitcoin?

June 4 2021, Bitcoin Conference, Miami, Florida: Max Keiser strides onto the stage, clad in a white suit, in triumphant fashion, yelling, “YEAH! YEAH! WE’RE NOT DONE! WE’RE NOT DONE! F*CK ELON! F*CK ELON!” This clip attracted plenty of online criticism, perhaps most from those already looking for something to criticise, but also from some

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NYDIG Report: Bitcoin Provides Value That Far Outweighs Its Energy Costs

NYDIG published today “Bitcoin Net Zero,” a 70-page document that evaluated Bitcoin’s energy consumption in the context of its role in society. The paper, co-authored by Nic Carter, general partner of Castle Island Ventures, and Ross Stevens, founder and executive chairman of NYDIG, delved into the breakthrough technology’s nuances. It dealt with the benefits Bitcoin