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The Fight For Bitcoin: Us And Them

The Fight For Bitcoin, Round Two “Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words …” – Pink Floyd ‘Us and Them’ What really makes Bitcoin different? In The Fight for Bitcoin Round One: Water’s Warm Maximalism, much was said about how and why to engage in good, truth-bearing faith with nocoiners, altcoiners, and Bitcoin skeptics

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Belarus To Keep Liberal Bitcoin Rules, Russia Seeks Regulation

Belarus is reportedly not inclined to change its permissive bitcoin trading rules despite its neighbor and ally Russia having been drawn to considering a complete ban of trading and mining. Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that Belarus’ cryptocurrency regulator, Hi-Tech Park, does not have plans to tighten its liberal bitcoin-related legislation. “Restrictive changes to the existing

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Despite Criticisms, El Salvador Is Not Forcing Its Citizens To Use Bitcoin

In November of 2021, El Salvador hosted two Bitcoin conferences and a plethora of international Bitcoiners descended upon the country. Most Bitcoiners seemed bullish on El Salvador, however, some have criticized the roll-out as “heavy-handed and in contradiction to the Bitcoin ethos.” While it’s important to provide constructive criticism, verifying these claims is equally important.